Sunday, January 8, 2012

Reflecting on 2011:

Lots of things happened this year; Ryan and I got married, we bought our first puppy (Lola) together, and we became an aunt and uncle to sweet baby Jackson! More photos to come of his first birthday party! Thanks to Erica May Photography for our 2011 Story Shoot:)

In April we brought home our beautiful little Brittany, Lola. She goes by Lola-bean, Bean-town, Baby Girl, etc...we love her!

On July 2, 2011 we got married and had the the best wedding we could ever imagine. Here's a short video clip of our day, thanks to my uncle Daren!

We are quite a happy little family :)To start the new year, I (Rachel) am beginning a blog to document the happenings in our lives, both inside and outside of our "roost". Enjoy!

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  1. Happy 2012, here's to another eventful and memorable year. Thanks for sharing these great photos!


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