Friday, January 13, 2012

Meet Woo-see

Woo-see is the name given to one of our cats by my mother, who absolutely adores her. She also responds to Uncle Moneybags, Fatty-boom-batty, and of course her real name: Lucy. Her fetishes include feet, being vigorously petted (sometimes seeming way to harsh for a cat to like, but she just purrs away), and a big obvious one- tuna. At times, it may seem that Lucy is missing a few vital connections in her wondrous brain, but we still love her all the same. On our window sill, behind the curtains on her pillow, is where you can usually find a Lucy basking in the sun.

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  1. I finally manage to comment here. Actually it is easy, but to be honest my technology skills have always been horrible. Every picture in your blog is wonderful, you are very talented Rachel (I hope to have the pleasure to assist one day to one of your expositions, when you are a famous and prestigious photographer!). Anyway, I have to say that the pictures of Woo -see or Lucy are my favourite, especially the one where she is shows her tongue, she was probably thinking about tuna. But in my mind she was planing how to conquer the world!

  2. Oh you are so sweet Pili! I was laughing so hard out loud when I read this haha :) She is definitely planning to conquer the world in that little brain!!


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