Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The American and the Spaniard

My baby brother, Alec, (I know he is 23, but he will always be my baby brother!) has been staying with us the past few months while he is in limbo waiting for graduate school to start later this year. It has been so fun to have him around, and I am enjoying every minute, as I know it is rare for a brother and sister to get to spend this much time together at this "adult" stage in life.

Tomorrow Alec is flying across the Atlantic Ocean to visit his beloved for a few months, who is currently located in Spain. Pili is her name, and she is just a delight to be around- beautiful inside and out (not to mention that gorgeous Spanish accent!). 

Cheers to LOVE and happy travels!

Here are some photos that I took of these adorable lovebirds the last time they got to see each other back in December. So cute.


  1. Those are adorable! They must be taken in Colorado, we didn't have snow like that in KC this year. Do you have the picture of them under the tree at your wedding? Would be a great contrast shot... Nice work, Rachel!

    1. Yes, definitely in Colorado for those pictures! No snow like that this year in KC, thank goodness. :)


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