Monday, January 9, 2012

Jackson is One Year Old!

Exactly one year ago on Saturday, Ryan and I (along with many other family members) were sitting in a hospital waiting room in Lawrence, KS, impatiently waiting for a little boy named Jackson to make his joyful appearance into the world. Watching him grow into the happy-go-lucky, sweet boy that he is has been absolutely delightful to watch. Here are a few photos from his very first birthday party!

What a beautiful family.

We took some family photos outside in the nice weather- much different than this time last year!! So much effort was put into getting the kiddos to smile on cue, way to go everyone!

What a handsome husband I have :)

Justin (Jackson's dad) had a balloon tied to their house and the kids were wonderstruck as they stared at it blowing in the wind, high above the house.

Addyson is such a cutie!

Cake time!

Happy first birthday baby Jackson! Can't wait to see what year 2 brings :)


  1. Adorable babies, awesome pictures!

  2. Rachel, you are a rock star photographer! Thanks again for capturing all the amazing moments of Jackson's special day!

    Roger & Cindy Day


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