Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Lately I've been learning about how to use herbs to heal, nourish, and stay healthy, the Wise Woman Way. Not only have I been learning, I've been watching people heal with these easy to make herbal remedies. These ways have been around for thousands of years, passed down through generations by women all over the world. An excerpt from a book I am reading, called Healing Wise by Susun Weed gives you a bit of an idea of what this is all about:

"I see the wise woman. From her shoulders, a mantle of power flows.
I see the wise woman at her loom. Every thread is different, each perfect and splendid, alive with sound and color. 
I see the wise woman. She is old and black and walks with the aid of a beautifully carved stick. She speaks in song, in story, in dance. She lives in every herb. 
I see the wise woman. And she sees me. She winks at me and spreads her arms. 
"These are the ways of our grandmothers, the ancient ones. Every pain, every plant, every problem is cherished. Night is loved for darkness, day for light. Uniqueness is our treasure, not normalcy. 
"These are the ways of our grandmothers, the ancient ones. Receive abundance with compassion, knowing you will be food for others. Know that dying is a portal just as birth is. Celebrate all comings and goings, they are the turnings of the spiral.
"These are the ways of our grandmothers, the ancient ones. The joy of life is the give- away. You are the center of your universe. You are the axis, life's matrix, the still point in the ever-moving. The designs of the universe radiate through you. You are god/dess, unique and whole." 
I see the wise woman. And she sees me. She smiles from shrines in thousands of places. She is buried in the ground of every country. She flows in every river and pulses in the oceans. The wise woman's robe flows down your back, centering you in the ever-changing, ever-spiraling mystery.
Everywhere I look, the wise woman looks back. And she smiles."

These two beautiful jars contain a Raspberry Leaf infusion... 

If you live in the Kansas City area, you can find a wide variety of herbs at Phoenix Herb Company, or you can go foraging in your own backyard or a nearby park!

This is a garlic honey that you can make by following these simple instructions or you can watch this short video clip. It may seem like a strange pair, honey and garlic, but it really has a lovely taste!

If you want to know more about healing with herbs, please feel free to ask questions!


  1. You go, young Wise Woman!!! Spread the word...

  2. If everyone would realize the healing power of the world around us perhaps we could break free from the stranglehold of big pharm...

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