Thursday, June 7, 2012

Derek and Jessica's Wedding

A few weeks ago, Ryan and I got a chance to photograph our first wedding together! Derek and Jessica are friends of ours, which made the day extra special to be such a big part of. Ryan has known Derek's family for almost his entire life, and the whole day we were surrounded with people we know and love. I started the day at the salon and then the hotel where the girls were getting ready...

She's ready! Stunningly beautiful.

Meanwhile, Ryan was hanging out with the guys, who were playing pool and getting ready for the big day...

The men- ready for action!

The ceremony took place on the rooftop of the beautiful Oread Hotel in Lawrence:

I love this next photo of Jessica's veil going wild in the wind!

Next stop: a few quick photos at the park before heading to the reception for some great food and tasty cupcakes!

And the party begins...

Congratulations, Jessica and Derek!!