Friday, February 10, 2012

La Luna

La Luna, the Moon. My dad's favorite memory of me was when I was little, about 2 years of age. Mom (then carrying a peanut-sized being that ended up as my awesome little brother), dad, and I were on a sailing trip with my aunts, uncles, and grandparents in the Carribean. I hear it was quite the fun trip, and I was in heaven with all the attention a first-born grandchild seems to get! Since there were quite a few people on the boat, sleeping quarters were a bit tight so I would sleep with my parents. With a great view of the stars and moon looking out of the skylight at night, I would always sit up and stand to point out and exclaim, "the MOON!" with the exuberance a child at the wondrous age of 2 beholds. My parents would laugh as they pulled me back down to the bed, "Yes, Rachel, the moon. Now lay down and go to sleep!". I would of course ignore them and when the moon was found again I always let them know where it was.

"I am certain that children always know more than they are able to tell, and that makes the big difference between them and adults, who, at best, know only a fraction of what they say. The reason is simply that children know everything with their whole beings, while we know it only with our heads." - Jacques Lusseyran, n.d.

I still have a fascination with the moon 24 years later, and I think we all have a sense of wonderment when the time is taken to really absorb the beauty of the moon. This picture is from Monday night's not-quite-full moon rising in the east, taken in our backyard. Can you see the trees crossing perfectly to form a 5-point star around the moon?

I brightened the next picture so you could see the star easier. Pretty cool! 

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